Proof of X 2023

Proof of X 2023
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本Webサイトはブロックチェーンに主眼を置いた「Proof of X」のために制作されました。 このWebサイトはイベントの概要や出展作品を紹介するなど、基本的な情報を提供することを目的としています。ファーストビューには変化し続けるメインビジュアルが配置され、強力な印象を与えます。本Webページは数人のメンバーで作成され、絶えず更新される情報とコンテンツの対応を継続して行いました。

This website was created for "Proof of X", which focuses on blockchain. This website aims to provide basic information such as an overview of the event and an introduction to the exhibits. The first view has a main visual that continues to change, giving a strong impression. This web page was created by several members, and we continued to update the information and content.



Since the design and development were separated, I was in charge of reproducing the PSD data, but there was a part where I had to design and develop at the same time by myself because the number of pages that had to be created in a hurry increased and I had to follow the design up to that point. This experience gave me the experience of designing from the perspective of others, not just my own design thinking.