enLightnmentは「何もしない」を主眼に置いたインタラクティブアートです。瞑想を促す装置として機能し、集中に応じてオブジェクトの持つ光が強くなっていき、集中力を高めるために必要な「何もしない」を視覚的にもわかりやすく体験することができます。 この作品は東京都立大学の授業「インタラクティブアート演習・実習I」の課題として制作されました。

enLightnment is an interactive art that focuses on "Do Nothing". It functions as a device to promote meditation, and the light of the object becomes stronger depending on the concentration, so that you can visually and easily experience the "Do Nothing" necessary to increase your concentration. This work was created as a class assignment for the course "Interactive Art Exercise and Practice I" at Tokyo Metropolitan University.



This work was created as a miniature of light as visual information and sound as auditory information, aiming to make a small world appear in front of you by standing in front of this work. Although it is an interactive art of sound and light, it does not encourage the viewer to take active action. The viewer can participate in the work just by walking in front of it, and there is no need to make a special gesture. It is similar to the fact that we experience them by simply existing without taking any special action against the light and sound that exist in the world.